Saturday, May 8, 2010

We had a wonderful night this week at the Awanas Derby Car Race. Everyone who wanted to enter got a wooden car that they could take home and cut out and paint into their own race car. Our boys both got help from Dad cutting them out. I'm not sure why but both of them wanted them painted white. After the white paint dried they customized them with stickers, markers and crayons. They were very cute. We learned that next year they need to be a lot heavier. Both of the cars were very low in weight. Once we got to the church they had to weigh in their cars and register them. (this was a very hi-tech race) The cars had to be under 5oz to race. We then grabbed dinner at the Derby Car Cafe and waited for for the race to start. We opened with a prayer

Every car was raced 4 times, once in each lane. All races were set up by computer and were timed by the computers on this track. Results were then placed up on a large screen. Prizes were handed out in 3 different groups and every kid was given a ribbon for racing.

Lukas was in Lane Red

He finished in 2nd that race

Here Jaren was in lane yellow and also finished 2nd this race!

This was one hi-tech track!

Here are my racers with their cars and ribbons they got.

Our friends son won 1st prize in his group! Look at the great trophies!!

Even though we didn't walk away with trophies this year, the boys had a blast and can't wait for next year. As Jaren put it to me, "Next year it's on like Donkey Kong!"


  1. We didn't get to participate this year but it looks like you guys had lots of fun!

  2. Awww, so cute. One of these days I'm gonna have to get the boys involved in Awanas. They would LOVE those races.

  3. Yeah, can't wait for next year, even more ideas to make it fun!

  4. This is making me wonder why we are doing cub scouts instead of Awanas. Jonathan loves the derby car race. Cute pictures!

  5. oooh! we do AWANA too and I loved the Grand Prix last November. I love love love AWANA...I am a SPARKS leader...well...was..we just finished the year a couple of weeks ago. The kids are so fun. My youngest (#4) will be a cubbie next year, and I am so excited for her. :) Love the pics!

  6. I my this brings back fond memories of my 2 boys and their races!!