Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Fun Part 2...

One of our funniest summer adventures this year was Jaren's 8th birthday! For his birthday we got him a birthday package to see the Corvallis Knights baseball team. Justin and I put together a BBQ for 25 friends and then we were all off to watch some BASEBALL. What a great game. The kids seemed to have a blast.

We got some autographs

Some of our group waiting for autographs

Jaren and Mack Knight

The kids thought this was hilarious (He was trying to distract the pitcher)

Don't you love the chicken hat?

The world famous San Diego Chicken

The adults couldn't help but laugh at this sign. (Guess who got a game ball? This MOMMY)

Lukas got his very own trophy for finishing T-Ball. Aubrey and her snack buddy Wyatt. They became great friends during T-Ball season.

They grew very fond of each other as you can tell!

The two of them made so many funny faces while I would take their pictures. Between Wyatt's mom and me they were always full of snacks! We can't wait to see him again soon.

We enjoyed some yummy birthday treats Birthday wishes were made

And... we celebrated 4th of July with some great fireworks!

Part 3 of our summer adventures will be coming soon. We hope your enjoying your summer!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Fun...

What a busy and fun summer we've had. I'm so behind on my blog that I just decided to pick up from our summer break! Now that summer has finally decided to come to Oregon, we have been enjoying Lot's of time outside. I have to admit, I've enjoyed the fact that it hasn't been extremely hot here. I don't think we have even hit 90 this year. Here is a quick glimpse at the first part of our summer. We have checked out Papa's new goats (aka) Rose and Kiki We worked on our silly faces And someone worked on her grumpy faces! Aubrey got her first haircut... and got bangs!
We had baseball 2 nights a week
We discovered a artist lives in our home. (she did not have one drop of paint on her clothes or body! We didn't even know she had painted until we discovered this master piece)
I've gained a new daughter named Kiki (formally know as Aubrey)

We picked a little over 37 pounds of strawberries! (at least some of us did)

Jaren was a great picker

We also had T-Ball 2 nights a week (of course opposite nights of baseball)

The boys did tennis camp for the first time.

2 Weeks of Pure FUN!
We planted flowers
Lukas graduated from Preschool! (Lukas, Dad and their former teacher Linda)

We are so proud of him!

Come back soon to see what else we have been up to this summer!!