Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A New Belly Button...

So today was the first time in months that I was able to get BLOGGER to work for me. My poor blog has been so neglected. Here is what has been going on with our family. Jaren is doing great in school, played basketball and is doing great in Awanas. Lukas is enjoying preschool and also enjoying Awanas. He really loves the Awana relay games. Miss Aubry has had the most changes! We did potty training, then she turned two and recently she had another surgery. This round they removed a hernia from her belly button. Her are a couple of pictures after we got her home from the hospital. She has been recovering really well and loves to show off her new bellybutton.

She was still pretty drugged up

I hope to get some more pictures to upload to show everyone what we have been up to. We are really enjoying this Wonderful Christmas season and hope your family is.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lukas Says...

Lukas- "Mom what does that sign mean on that bathroom door? The on with the girl and a line and then a boy."

Mom- "It means that boys and girls can use that restroom."

Lukas- "Oh good. I thought it meant you have to be the same size so you can go in ther

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cheap Entertainment...

This box provides hours of entertainment !

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Snapping Beans...

This year my family froze Lot's of different veggies for us to eat this Winter. Lukas and Aubrey LOVED snapping the beans. It was fun having her join in with us this year and she continued to help until our bowl was empty. Lukas kept reminding us that his Papa grows really good green beans. We are so thankful that he shared his crop with us. We will be even more thankful when were eating them this Winter! She got a real kick out of snapping the beans. Snapping beans with Daddy

Look at these great carrot's! My kids love that they were so bright and colorful. We cut up several of these carrots to freeze for the Winter as well. Once they are put together in a bag, it looks like a bag of fruit cocktail =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Spooky Wreath...

Our door was a little empty this month so Lukas and I made this Halloween Wreath to hang up. We used a wreath that I had purchased from the Dollar Tree earlier this year and painted it black. Next we cut strips out of the leftover Halloween fabric we had. Lukas helped me tie the fabric in knots around the wreath. Finally we hot glued some spiders on to make it a little spookier. It's pretty cute and really bright. I love it.
Creepy Spiders!

My 2nd Grader...

It's hard for a mommy to see her children grow up, but sometimes we really really look forward to the first day back to school!!! Even though I miss Jaren while he is gone at school, I really love having our house back on a routine. My little man has grown so much over the summer and has such a passion to learn. This year he will have the same 2nd grade teacher that my husband and I both had. He is going to love her! Good luck this year Jaren. We are so proud of you!!!

He was so excited to get into the school and start his day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Sleeping Beauty...

Our sweet little girl is growing up so fast and has moved into a toddler bed. She LOVES it. When Justin and the boys got done putting it together, she came running into the room shrieking with excitement. She loves to climb up on it to lay down with her night night and Binky.

She looks so so sweet all tucked into her bed!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back To Preschool...

Lukas has started back to preschool for his second year. He was beyond ready to go back and see his friends and teachers. So on his first day back we took some back to school pictures (which he was NOT happy about) and got his snack made. Since his birthday was right before school started, he got to have his birthday snack on the first day of school. We made a yummy cookie fruit pizza that he took to share. Lukas also got a special birthday book, crown, and the class sang to him. What could be more fun? Yeah he knows how cool he is Every year the kids stand right here on the first day of school. It's so much fun watching them grow! Lukas and my niece, Khylie (they are in preschool together)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aubrey Says...

Someone is really really excited to get some time with mommy all to herself. When I ask her what she thinks of her brothers going back to school, this is what she says.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween Canvas

So I love the smell and feel of Fall and really got inspired to try and make some new decorations for little or no money. Halloween is fun holiday around our house. The colors are so bright and fun. One of my newest craft projects was this cute Halloween canvas's. I bought these at the Dollar Tree and they had these parrots painted on them and they weren't very cute. I have been waiting to use them. I hung it up just to take some pictures and then took it back down. I need to wait to decorate until after my kids start back to school. It just seems to early to start with them home still. Here is what I did. I started out with the 3 canvas's and gave all three two coats of black paint. While they were drying I cute out the Halloween prints using my cricut machine. Next I modge podged them on. Once the prints were dry I gave the whole canvas one coat of modge podge. I then hot glued some ribbon to the backs of them and added a quick bow. Sorry there isn't more pictures, but I had a hard time getting Blogger to let me download some pictures. This is the only one that would. It turned out really cute and was a quick project for just $3.00 =)
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Call Her BOX Head..

One of Aubrey's new pass time is to empty out this box of Lego's and use the box to wear on her head or use it to sit in. It's so much fun to watch her play. She plays by herself so well when the boys are off doing their own thing. Babies and Dora are just some of her other favorite things right now. You will probably notice her HUGE belly button. We are off to meet her surgeon this week so she if surgery number two is in our near future. She put on 1 shoe all by herself and wore it around the house.
One of her favorite spots to read. It's just her size

Her new Dora book. Thanks LoLo

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A LEGO Celebration...

My little man is ALMOST "5". Today we celebrated his birthday with some of his friends. Since Lukas plays with Lego's all day (he comes down to eat and then goes back to his Lego's) we decided to have a LEGO theme party. I always enjoy making my kids birthday cake and really enjoy the whole party planning. This year I tried using fondant for the first time and made all of these great little Lego's. It took over two hours to make them, but I really loved the way they turned out. Lukas LOVED his cake and all the kids couldn't wait to eat the Lego's Isn't this so cute? I had some leftovers so I put them around the side. Mom, Lukas and Dad Five candles on his birthday cake Lukas and his best friend Colton

We had a LEGO tower contest. Whoever built the tallest tower in 5 minutes won the prize.
Cupcakes with the toppers I made using my cricut machine

For the goodie bags everyone got a new box of crayons, some of those rubber bracelets that go back to their original shape when you take them off and... LEGO coloring and connect-the-dot sheets.
Lukas had a wonderful party and can say he has now had a 1 handed birthday.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Shower For Libby...

A dear little baby girl will be born soon and we can't wait. I got to throw a baby shower with Jill from Barnes Yard for her sister and my friend/cousin Lori. Baby Libby will be coming in the beginning of October and we are looking forward to seeing what this little girl will look like and the chance to finally hold her. For the shower we had a "Nesting" theme and it couldn't have been more cute. I wanted to show you some pictures of all the cute things Jill and I put together to welcome Miss Libby into our family. This is the cute invite that got sent out A Yummy lunch was served Something to sip on Pink Lemondae is always better in mason jars A Sweet little sign made for Libby Are you ready for some desserts? Cupcakes with little bird nests, how divine Homemade Oreos with pink filling Big Sister to be Jacie holding up Libby's new Baby Legs Every little DIVA needs a cute diaper cover

Don't forget to take some sweet treats home with you! Thanks for stopping by

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