Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Spooky Wreath...

Our door was a little empty this month so Lukas and I made this Halloween Wreath to hang up. We used a wreath that I had purchased from the Dollar Tree earlier this year and painted it black. Next we cut strips out of the leftover Halloween fabric we had. Lukas helped me tie the fabric in knots around the wreath. Finally we hot glued some spiders on to make it a little spookier. It's pretty cute and really bright. I love it.
Creepy Spiders!


  1. Hi Samantha- Your wreath is more then cute its so adorable, i love the fabrics and the spiders are perfect, great job!

    Your kids are so darling!

    The green chocolate candy melts are a light green. I don't have the bag so I can't tell you the specific color name. However, at the craft store there is a dark green and a light green (baking cake section) just get the light green. P.S. one bag is more then enough! good luck! TAKE CARE TOO. Jen