Monday, June 29, 2009

Praying for a miracle...

Last night my family was given terrible news. My Aunt who lives in California was thrown off her horse and suffered severe head trauma. The horse she was riding fell on top of her head causing damage to her brain stem. As of right now we are unsure of her future. All we can do is pray that a miracle will occur and that something good will come out of all of this. Within the next 48 hours we should have a better idea of what will be the outcome. For now all we can do is pray not only for her but also her kids and grand kids.

Lukas Says...

Last night while my family was finishing dinner, Justin and I were giving each other a hard time when Justin said...

Justin- That wasn't nice mommy.
Lukas- Dad she is not a mommy she is a Spantha.

Thanks for helping me out Lukas!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here are a few pictures from Father's Day. It was Justin's first Father's Day with Aubrey and I know he enjoyed having his little girl around. We started off the day with going to church and later ended up at my in laws for dinner. Aubrey and our niece, Sierra kept us entertained by trying to talk to each other. One of them would start to babble while the other one would just stare. Then they would switch. They are a lot of fun. The boys enjoyed ice cream cones and playing games. I hope Justin enjoyed his special day with his family. We love him very much and look forward to his next Father's Day.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Gross Discovery!!!

This week my youngest boy Lukas came walking down the stairs chewing on something. I asked him, "Lukas what are you eating?" We do not let the kids eat anywhere except for the table so I knew something was up.
Lukas-"A sword mommy."
Mom-"What do you mean a sword."
Lukas-"A sword." (As he pulled a toe nail out of his mouth!)
As I was trying not to gag I explained we do NOT eat our finger or toe nails. I made him toss it in the garbage and wash his hands and we brushed his teeth. Gross. Just a quick note to anyone reading. I do clip his nails weekly so he was not in desperate need of hygiene care.

Monday, June 22, 2009

8 Things...

My friend Jane Ann over at Gravity of Motion has tagged me. This looked like fun and maybe it will be a good reminder years from now just how crazy my life can be.

8 things I look forward to...
1. My husband getting me Starbucks every weekend. (He enjoys it to)
2. When Aubrey can say Mama
3. Lukas starting preschool. (He is beyond ready)
4. Whenever Justin and I can get a night out without kids
5. Another mommy vacation
6. Friday play dates with my MOPS group
7. Buying a home in the country
8. Watching my children grow and change on a daily basis

8 things I did yesterday...
1. Wished my husband a happy fathers day.
2. Went to church
3. Enjoyed the fact that our garage sale is OVER
4. Ate to much at the family BBQ
5. Had fun watching Aubrey and Sierra try to talk to each other
6. Loved ever sip of my Starbucks!
7. Helped my husband clean up his shop (because of my messy garage sale)
8. Went to bed loving life.

8 things I wish I could do...
1. Go back to college and know exactly what I want to do as I get older
2. Travel the world with my family
3. See my best friend on a regular basis (She lives in CT)
4. Heal my daughter without her having surgery
5. Cure my son's allergies
6. Eat whatever I wanted and never gain a ounce
7. Be all caught up with my children's scrapbooks
8. Be less fearful

8 shows I watch...
1. Greys
2. Private Practice
3. Housewife's of OC, NYC, Jersey and Atlanta (I know they are crazy)
4. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
5. Jon and Kate Plus Eight
7. Little Bill
8. Sid the Science Kid

Bloggers I tag...
Not just Maya's Mama
All About Addie
Sierra Lou
Our Little World

And 2 years ago at this time I was trying to get prego. Thank goodness that is over with =) What were you dong two years ago? I hope you all fill this out!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Kindergarten Celebration....

My little boy graduated from Kindergarten today. Jaren's class put on a great little show for all of us. They came in with caps on their heads marching to, "The Ants Go Marching 1 By 1" The class also did a short little poem and performed several songs. I couldn't have imagined Jaren's first year in school without his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Seibert. I've never seen a teacher who has such passion and love for all of her students. I will truly miss seeing her everyday next year. We are so proud of you Jaren and can't wait to see what the future holds for you. I love you.

Rockin The New Hair...

I took Jaren and Lukas in to get their haircut. I'm proud to say that Lukas finally let someone besides Dennis cut his hair. They both have been wanting a Mohawk so we went with a semi hawk instead. I will post Jaren's later, he couldn't spike it today because he didn't want to knock his cap off his head at graduation. As far as Lukas goes he does not want anyone touching his hair because it will mess up his spikes. =)

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Walk In The Woods

Our family recently went up to Odell Lake camping for the weekend. We had a wonderful time even though it was FREEZING at night and we were tenting it. The lake was beautiful and the kids loved getting the chance to go fishing with their dad and our friends. Here are a few pictures of a walk Lukas and I took. He was afraid we were going to get lost and wanted to know if I had a map. As you can tell we did make it back safely =) Don't you just love how this kid always has to do some crazy pose for the camera! More pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ice Cream and Pizza and Mustard Oh My....

What a wonderful day today has been! Another one of My prayers have been answered. If you know anything about my family then you would know about the struggles we have had with food allergies. Our youngest son Lukas has had severe food allergies for his entire little life. Every year we have taken him in to be tested with his allergist, Dr. Solensky. Every year thus far as been the same results. Yes, he still has milk, egg, peanut, seafood and dog allergies. If you stop and take the time to realize how many of these products are in almost everything you eat on a daily basis. Now think of how hard it is to try and cook for your family and try to not exclude your child as much as you can from family meals. Lukas has always done a great job with telling you or asking us about any food he is unsure of before he would even touch it. For only being 3 he is pretty smart in this category. So as of today, I'm very proud to announce that Lukas can now eat dairy, egg, and seafood!!!! As we waited for the tiny pin pricks on his back for the longest 15 minutes of our life we noticed as those dots did not grow in size. It took a lot for me to not start crying right there in the office. This is the day we have waited for and wasn't sure if it would ever come. Lukas has had a smile on his face the entire day. So tonight we let him try yogurt for the very first time. We feel it is best for him to only try one item at a time and yogurt was his first pick. Here are a few of the pictures of his first yogurt experience. Oh and the next time you see Lukas ask him about his food allergies and he will even tell you he is no longer allergic to mustard! (He has never been allergic to it but as of today he can eat it =) As for the rest of us we will be going out for real ice cream for the first time this weekend.

Lukas's response to the yogurt was, "This is spicy!"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Overheard By the WHOLE Waiting Room...

While Lukas, Aubrey and I waited to be called back into the Dr's. room, Lukas asked me about Aubrey's shots. Keep in mind I was the only one waiting with kids and it just had to be a full waiting room and all eyes were on us.
Lukas: "When they give Aubrey a shot does it go in her blood?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Lukas: "Why?"
Mommy: "Well that is how the shot travels in her body to help keep her safe. The
blood goes from the tip of her head to the tip of her toes."
Lukas: While patting himself between the legs, "Mommy what about here, does the
blood go here too?"
Waiting room: Everyone of them was laughing
Mommy: "Yes Lukas, blood goes there too."
Lukas: "OK."

The joys of motherhood.=)

This Post is brought to you by the Number 6

Aubrey turned 6 months this last week. The time has flown by! So in honor of her 1/2 of a year milestone we had a little celebration. I made 1/2 of a birthday cake and we topped it with a candle and even made up a 1/2 birthday song. (courtesy of Jaren =) She seemed to enjoy it and couldn't figure out why the boys were so excited over cake. Here are a few pictures from that special day.

So turning 6 months means shots of course. Lukas and I took her in to see the Doctor for her well baby checkup and he was such a great big brother. Lukas knew that Aubrey would be getting shots and asked me if he could hold her hand while she got them. Every time a Nurse/Intern/Dr. would come into the room he would ask if it was time for the shots. I wish I had my camera with me. Lukas stood on one side of the table and she held onto his finger so tight. He told her that she could squeeze as tight as she needed to but it would be OK. I love that boy. So Aubrey is now 24inches short, 11 pounds 14 ounces.