Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ice Cream and Pizza and Mustard Oh My....

What a wonderful day today has been! Another one of My prayers have been answered. If you know anything about my family then you would know about the struggles we have had with food allergies. Our youngest son Lukas has had severe food allergies for his entire little life. Every year we have taken him in to be tested with his allergist, Dr. Solensky. Every year thus far as been the same results. Yes, he still has milk, egg, peanut, seafood and dog allergies. If you stop and take the time to realize how many of these products are in almost everything you eat on a daily basis. Now think of how hard it is to try and cook for your family and try to not exclude your child as much as you can from family meals. Lukas has always done a great job with telling you or asking us about any food he is unsure of before he would even touch it. For only being 3 he is pretty smart in this category. So as of today, I'm very proud to announce that Lukas can now eat dairy, egg, and seafood!!!! As we waited for the tiny pin pricks on his back for the longest 15 minutes of our life we noticed as those dots did not grow in size. It took a lot for me to not start crying right there in the office. This is the day we have waited for and wasn't sure if it would ever come. Lukas has had a smile on his face the entire day. So tonight we let him try yogurt for the very first time. We feel it is best for him to only try one item at a time and yogurt was his first pick. Here are a few of the pictures of his first yogurt experience. Oh and the next time you see Lukas ask him about his food allergies and he will even tell you he is no longer allergic to mustard! (He has never been allergic to it but as of today he can eat it =) As for the rest of us we will be going out for real ice cream for the first time this weekend.

Lukas's response to the yogurt was, "This is spicy!"

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  1. This is so exciting! What a smart little man and he looks so excited!