Monday, August 31, 2009

A 6 year old's point of view on going back to school.

Last night I sat down with Jaren and we talked about the first day. This is where the conversation ended up going. Leave it to Jaren to figure out how to coast through life. Here is what happen.
Mom-"Jaren are you excited to start first grade?"
Jaren- "Nope."
Mom-(shocked coming from a kid who loved school last year)"Why not? You will get to see all your friends again and meet your new teacher.
Jaren-"Still no. In first grade you have to do to much work. You have to write and read all day."
Mom-"Well you have to learn how to write and read so when your older you can get a good job."
Jaren-"Nope. I'm not going to get a job. (Sigh) I'm just going to sit on the my couch and watch the news all day."
Mom-(laughing) "How are you going to watch the news all day if you don't have a job to pay for your TV?"
Jaren-"I will just go over to one of my friends houses to watch TV and sit on their couch."
Mom-"How are you going to get there?"
Jaren-"I will drive."
Mom-"How will you pay for the car when you don't have a job?"
Jaren-"I'm going to find one with a free sign on it."
Mom-"How about the gas?"
Jaren-"I'll get free gas."
Mom-"Honey gas is never free. What about a house where are you going to live?"
Jaren-"I have Lot's of grandparents I will just move around to each one's house for awhile."
Mom-"I give up, but just so you know you still have to start first grade tomorrow."

This kid seems to have everything all planned out already. We will see where he is in 15 years and how that free car is holding up. =)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Just A Mental Note...

Today I have decided that there will be no more unsupervised ice packs in my house. Lukas got a bump on the side of his eye today. So I gave him an ice pack to try and help the swelling. The ice pack I gave him fits inside of an train pouch. Of course, what does his older brother do? He grabs it from his brother and shoves it down his own pants.
Jaren- "Hey Lukas, do you remember when we used ice packs to have a ball fight?"
Mom-"What did you just say?"
Jaren-"A ball fight mom. We used them to have a ball fight when you weren't in the room."
Lukas-"Yeah I remember Jaren. It was a lot of fun!"
Mom-"Yeah well no more ball fights in my house please."
Lukas-"Ah man."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Perfect Camp Out...

During this last week Jaren got to spend the night with his friend. He had such a wonderful time. It was so nice for him to get away for a little while and actually spend the night with someone other than a grandparent. So while he was away, Lukas and I had our own adventure. We decided to have a camp out. Justin and Lukas set up a tent in Lukas's room. Lukas then made our bed along with a stuffed animal for each of us. I did have to modify the bed later on to include some blankets. After a fun filled night we made some smores and climbed into our camp and enjoyed some time together, just the two of us. Before going to sleep we watched the stars from our bed and talked about what a fun night we were having. (He has glow in the dark stars) Lukas told me, "Mommy this was a perfect day." It by far was one of my most favorite mommy moments with him. Thanks for a perfect camp out Lukas! (I won't even mention how sore my back was the next day =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just To Tired..

Little miss Aubrey is getting so good at crawling around. On this day she kept going and going until she had just had enough. I had walked into the living room and was greeted with a, "SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Mom can't you see she is sleeping." Jaren wanted to make sure that I wouldn't wake her up. I just had to take pictures before I moved her to her crib.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Spliting Urgent Care Moment

This shows some of the cut. OUCH!

He also has a cut on the outside to.

So my poor son had called me into the bathroom to help with wiping, I know not one of my proudest mommy moments, when the accident occurred. When we were done he usually jumps off of his stool and then pulls his pants up. Today he fell during this process and crashed into the bathtub. I quickly picked him up worried that he knocked out some teeth. There was so much blood but no broken teeth or missing teeth. Thank Goodness. Then I seen the terrible split on the inside of his mouth. His teeth almost went all the way through his lip. After 1/2 hour the Dr. said I needed to take him in to Urgent Care to be seen. With the way it split they couldn't do any stitches, but the did put him on some drugs to prevent an infection. It's never fun to see your child get hurt, or to have to explain over and over how he split his lip open to every nurse. Not one of his greatest moments.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FINALLY I can feel SAFE in my own home again...

Late at night do you ever get the feeling someone is on your porch or you just know you can hear something outside your windows. Will fear no more... the superheros are here. That's right. Our house is now safe with the help of my very own Batman and Dart Man (?). I can now go to bed feeling safe thanks to my very own superheros. (Even if they still need help getting tucked into their own beds =)

Dart Man and Batman

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lukas Says...

While eating dinner last night, Justin and I were talking to the boys about college. We tried to make them understand how important it is for them to go. This was there thoughts or opinions on the subject.

Jaren: I don't need to go to college.

Mom: Why?

Jaren: I'm already smart. I'm going to be in the first grade. Plus I already know what 2+2 is.

Lukas: Dad did they have beer at your college?

Dad: No they didn't have beer.

Lukas: They didn't have any drinks there?

Mom: Yes, they had drinks at Dad's college. They just didn't have beer there.

As of right now, the two of them seem fine with our answers. Hopefully their opinions about college will change in time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 prizes for 1 giveaway...

A giveaway A giveaway. That's right people. My dear friend Jane Anne over at is having a wonderful giveaway. She has a weekly post called the Thursday Thanks Tank. This is something that I enjoy reading every week just because it helps me reflect on my own life. Right now she is celebrating her 100th Thursday post. So go over and check her out. She is giving away 10 prizes! Make sure you leave a comment telling her I sent you over.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Have A Clapper In The House

In the last two weeks Aubrey has really started to take off and become her own person. She is getting where she wants to go by crawling. She isn't at 100% yet but is getting there fast! Waving and clapping our her new favorites. Aubrey picked up clapping in the morning and by night she was doing a really good job. Now she will wave at anything. She even waved at the Poker Players on TV when she was laying in our bed with her daddy! She wasn't to happy at them for not waving back. She is so cute!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

One CUTE Oregon GROWN Blueberry!

PRINCESS BLUEBERRY Aubrey loves blueberries! Since the poor girl is working on her first tooth, (or so we think) I have been freezing blueberries and giving them to her in her munchkin feeder. It grosses out her brothers when she is chomping away at them, but they do love how her skin turns all purple. Either way we still think she is the cutest little thing around.

What a cutie!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Day Eating Sand And Other Beach Activities...

I Love To Eat Sand

The Hubbs

After Digging I Chewed On My Shovel

One Sweet Little Girl

My Little DIgger!


Shark Anyone?

Jaren And Justin In A Fish Tunnel

This weekend we packed up the kiddos and headed over to Newport for the day. It was so nice to get away from the 100 degree weather! I don't think we ever got above 60 at the beach. (YES!) We started out at the Aquarium and enjoyed some fish and sharks. I don't think we will go back there anytime soon. It would have cost us $50 to get in, but thankfully we had to free passes. Even taking our time walking through everything we were done in an 1 1/2. Hmmm not really worth $50. Once my kids had seen a dozen different fish they were done. We did have a blast on the beach though. Aubrey was in love with the sand. She dug and dug a good little hole with her hands and even Ttried to dig with a shovel. Of course she ate her good share of sand and really enjoyed it! Being her first time at the beach she seemed to know exactly what to do. We hope to be back soon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun Filled Week

VBS at the River Center Jaren singing along

Some of the amazing sets built

One of the sign in booths.

Porter singing "I'm Gonna Follow"

Lukas with his friends, Thomas and Porter

We had a very fun and very exhausting week. Our church held VBS this week. Justin did most of his volunteering behind the scenes. He helped build the amazing sets we had this year. The theme was an Australian Outback theme. The train even had a fog machine inside so it looked as though real steam was coming out. The amazing animal crates were built by Justin and our sons. They used the wood from our old fence. I did all my volunteering in the kitchen. I wish I had taken pictures of all the snacks we made. On some days we feed over 150 kids plus other volunteers. My kids had such a great time. It's so nice to hear all the wonderful things they have learned at random times throughout our day. At the aquarium today Lukas mentioned that Jesus walked on water. Love it. We can't wait until next year.