Monday, August 31, 2009

A 6 year old's point of view on going back to school.

Last night I sat down with Jaren and we talked about the first day. This is where the conversation ended up going. Leave it to Jaren to figure out how to coast through life. Here is what happen.
Mom-"Jaren are you excited to start first grade?"
Jaren- "Nope."
Mom-(shocked coming from a kid who loved school last year)"Why not? You will get to see all your friends again and meet your new teacher.
Jaren-"Still no. In first grade you have to do to much work. You have to write and read all day."
Mom-"Well you have to learn how to write and read so when your older you can get a good job."
Jaren-"Nope. I'm not going to get a job. (Sigh) I'm just going to sit on the my couch and watch the news all day."
Mom-(laughing) "How are you going to watch the news all day if you don't have a job to pay for your TV?"
Jaren-"I will just go over to one of my friends houses to watch TV and sit on their couch."
Mom-"How are you going to get there?"
Jaren-"I will drive."
Mom-"How will you pay for the car when you don't have a job?"
Jaren-"I'm going to find one with a free sign on it."
Mom-"How about the gas?"
Jaren-"I'll get free gas."
Mom-"Honey gas is never free. What about a house where are you going to live?"
Jaren-"I have Lot's of grandparents I will just move around to each one's house for awhile."
Mom-"I give up, but just so you know you still have to start first grade tomorrow."

This kid seems to have everything all planned out already. We will see where he is in 15 years and how that free car is holding up. =)


  1. That is to funny!

  2. I can just hear Jaren's little voice saying that.

  3. Well, maybe Lukas will come over to watch TV and bring beer. (It just occurred to me from that post Lukas says- they will have a great time together!)

  4. I love this story, what a little character. I hope his first day back to school was more fun than he was planning for...

  5. That is so funny! A mom's dream come true for sure! :)