Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Spliting Urgent Care Moment

This shows some of the cut. OUCH!

He also has a cut on the outside to.

So my poor son had called me into the bathroom to help with wiping, I know not one of my proudest mommy moments, when the accident occurred. When we were done he usually jumps off of his stool and then pulls his pants up. Today he fell during this process and crashed into the bathtub. I quickly picked him up worried that he knocked out some teeth. There was so much blood but no broken teeth or missing teeth. Thank Goodness. Then I seen the terrible split on the inside of his mouth. His teeth almost went all the way through his lip. After 1/2 hour the Dr. said I needed to take him in to Urgent Care to be seen. With the way it split they couldn't do any stitches, but the did put him on some drugs to prevent an infection. It's never fun to see your child get hurt, or to have to explain over and over how he split his lip open to every nurse. Not one of his greatest moments.


  1. Oh, Samantha, I'm so sorry. This brought back flashbacks for me. Jonathan fell when he was about 3 (I think) and his tooth went right through his face (right below his lip). It was awful. They used "glue" on him instead of stitches.

    Don't beat yourself up about it happening. Things like this just happen -unfortunately. I'm thankful his teeth are okay, too.

  2. I'm so sorry this happened! What a tough little guy.

  3. Oh no! Hope he gets to feeling better fast. Boys are pretty tough though :-)