Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back To Preschool...

Lukas has started back to preschool for his second year. He was beyond ready to go back and see his friends and teachers. So on his first day back we took some back to school pictures (which he was NOT happy about) and got his snack made. Since his birthday was right before school started, he got to have his birthday snack on the first day of school. We made a yummy cookie fruit pizza that he took to share. Lukas also got a special birthday book, crown, and the class sang to him. What could be more fun? Yeah he knows how cool he is Every year the kids stand right here on the first day of school. It's so much fun watching them grow! Lukas and my niece, Khylie (they are in preschool together)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aubrey Says...

Someone is really really excited to get some time with mommy all to herself. When I ask her what she thinks of her brothers going back to school, this is what she says.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween Canvas

So I love the smell and feel of Fall and really got inspired to try and make some new decorations for little or no money. Halloween is fun holiday around our house. The colors are so bright and fun. One of my newest craft projects was this cute Halloween canvas's. I bought these at the Dollar Tree and they had these parrots painted on them and they weren't very cute. I have been waiting to use them. I hung it up just to take some pictures and then took it back down. I need to wait to decorate until after my kids start back to school. It just seems to early to start with them home still. Here is what I did. I started out with the 3 canvas's and gave all three two coats of black paint. While they were drying I cute out the Halloween prints using my cricut machine. Next I modge podged them on. Once the prints were dry I gave the whole canvas one coat of modge podge. I then hot glued some ribbon to the backs of them and added a quick bow. Sorry there isn't more pictures, but I had a hard time getting Blogger to let me download some pictures. This is the only one that would. It turned out really cute and was a quick project for just $3.00 =)
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