Saturday, January 21, 2012

December In Picutes Part 2

                                                          The kids got some fun new hats!
 We had our annual Christmas with some of our Miller cousins. This was our 9th year and I love the tradition.
                                                                    Aubrey's fun hat!
Mrs. Claus let us take a picture with her. We had already seen Santa earlier in the month.
                                                                    Our note for Santa.
           (Notice the note from Jaren, :( Yes it's our first year with someone in the house who "knows")

                                                                    Ready for Santa.
We enjoyed some wonderful Christmas Music.

Friday, January 20, 2012

December In Picutes Part 1

We had a wonderful December this year, but I'm glad our life is finally getting back to normal routine. Here is part one of some of our fun during the month.
                                                                    Lights were hung
                                                           Christmas trees were made.
                             Lukas let Aubrey help him make a Gingerbread house at his class party.
                                                                She really loved it!
                                                               Opening new ornaments.
       Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Rhino (Ryan) and two of their kids, Lilly and Finn came for a visit from Kansas
                                                                    Fort kits were made.
                                  Someone got a new lunch pail and lunch is now served in it daily!
                                                                    Fun new books.
                                                      Pure joy and filled with princess love.
                                                      A surprise visit from Christmas Ninjas!
                                 I'm now a huge fan of North Pole Smoothies. (recipe found off Pinterest)
                                                  A new baby joined our house. (Lucy)
                                           A new hunter will be joining his dad this coming Fall.
                                                              Someone finally got his DS!