Saturday, January 21, 2012

December In Picutes Part 2

                                                          The kids got some fun new hats!
 We had our annual Christmas with some of our Miller cousins. This was our 9th year and I love the tradition.
                                                                    Aubrey's fun hat!
Mrs. Claus let us take a picture with her. We had already seen Santa earlier in the month.
                                                                    Our note for Santa.
           (Notice the note from Jaren, :( Yes it's our first year with someone in the house who "knows")

                                                                    Ready for Santa.
We enjoyed some wonderful Christmas Music.


  1. What wonderful photos! Your kids are so sweet, Samantha.

  2. Hi Sam, Love all the photos and the letter to santa! Can't believe Christmas is over, it went so fast!

    Addie wanted me to make sure you guys saw her bday invite for the 18th. Hope you guys can make it!