Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Call Her BOX Head..

One of Aubrey's new pass time is to empty out this box of Lego's and use the box to wear on her head or use it to sit in. It's so much fun to watch her play. She plays by herself so well when the boys are off doing their own thing. Babies and Dora are just some of her other favorite things right now. You will probably notice her HUGE belly button. We are off to meet her surgeon this week so she if surgery number two is in our near future. She put on 1 shoe all by herself and wore it around the house.
One of her favorite spots to read. It's just her size

Her new Dora book. Thanks LoLo

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A LEGO Celebration...

My little man is ALMOST "5". Today we celebrated his birthday with some of his friends. Since Lukas plays with Lego's all day (he comes down to eat and then goes back to his Lego's) we decided to have a LEGO theme party. I always enjoy making my kids birthday cake and really enjoy the whole party planning. This year I tried using fondant for the first time and made all of these great little Lego's. It took over two hours to make them, but I really loved the way they turned out. Lukas LOVED his cake and all the kids couldn't wait to eat the Lego's Isn't this so cute? I had some leftovers so I put them around the side. Mom, Lukas and Dad Five candles on his birthday cake Lukas and his best friend Colton

We had a LEGO tower contest. Whoever built the tallest tower in 5 minutes won the prize.
Cupcakes with the toppers I made using my cricut machine

For the goodie bags everyone got a new box of crayons, some of those rubber bracelets that go back to their original shape when you take them off and... LEGO coloring and connect-the-dot sheets.
Lukas had a wonderful party and can say he has now had a 1 handed birthday.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Shower For Libby...

A dear little baby girl will be born soon and we can't wait. I got to throw a baby shower with Jill from Barnes Yard for her sister and my friend/cousin Lori. Baby Libby will be coming in the beginning of October and we are looking forward to seeing what this little girl will look like and the chance to finally hold her. For the shower we had a "Nesting" theme and it couldn't have been more cute. I wanted to show you some pictures of all the cute things Jill and I put together to welcome Miss Libby into our family. This is the cute invite that got sent out A Yummy lunch was served Something to sip on Pink Lemondae is always better in mason jars A Sweet little sign made for Libby Are you ready for some desserts? Cupcakes with little bird nests, how divine Homemade Oreos with pink filling Big Sister to be Jacie holding up Libby's new Baby Legs Every little DIVA needs a cute diaper cover

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Finally Out...

Wednesday night life got much much better around our house. Jaren finally lost his first tooth. It's been a long and emotional process. He was the last kid out of both first grade classes to loose a tooth. Even most of his friends in Kindergarten have already lost some. It just couldn't come fast enough. Well this poor tooth has been loose since June so I was so thankful when it came out.
A New Smile
It's so tiny. We brushed it really good before putting it in the tooth fairy pillow.

Here is our tooth fairy pillow. I've been holding onto it for almost 7 years waiting for this moment.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pay It Forward...

I got this wonderful package in the mail from Maria at A while back she had a Pay It Forward on her blog that I joined in on. SO NOW it's my turn to Pay It Forward to you. I'm looking for 3 people who would like to join in. When you join in, I will have 3 months to make a homemade gift that I will send out to you. Once you have received it, than it will be your turn to Pay It Forward on your blog. I can't tell you how exciting it is to get a package in the mail that is FOR YOU and not someone else in your home. I love the cards she made and have already put some of them to good use! Isn't the case she put them in super cute. I love that she made it out of an old book. What fun. So if your interested in joining in, leave a comment saying you want to join in on the fun. Look what the cards came in I love how she used a old book and the scrapbook paper to decorate it.
Here are all kinds of sayings that can be put into the cards. Love this idea These cards are so fun! Thanks Maria

Friday, August 13, 2010

Girls Weekend...

Justin took the boys away for the weekend on a "Man Trip" so that means it's a "Girls Trip" at home. =) It has been so great having my little girl all to myself. We have had ton's of fun and I look forward to our future "Girl Trips" When the boys were leaving, Jaren told Aubrey that we would be going to get massages, pedicures and out to McDonalds. HAHA if only it was so simple with a 1year old. Instead we have spent time coloring, playing babies and little people. The two of us also went on a playdate and to our cousin Robin's house. My poor little girl was so tired that she sacked out next to me on the couch. Here are a few pictures of our girl adventures.

Family Reunion...

My family is so tired and ready for some down time. Between my class reunion and my family reunion we haven't been home. Every year my family on my mom's side gets together either in Oregon, California, or Nevada. This year we lucked out and it was in Oregon. Lucky for us the weather was great and not to hot. Some of them floated the river and we had plenty of potlucks. My kids are always so glad to have a chance to play with some cousins. It's so nice to have several generations gather together. We look forward to the next reunion.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lukas Says...

The men in my house are getting ready to leave tomorrow for a "MAN TRIP" YES YES YES!!! Can't you tell I'm excited. Well as I'm trying to get some stuff together for their trip Lukas started making up this song and singing it to Jaren.

Lukas: "Man trip, Man trip. I can't wait to go on our Man trip. It's just boys and the girls stay home. Man trip, Man trip means we get to do whatever we want because it's a Man trip and mom stays home."

Uh yeah this song made me feel really good.

Prayer Update For Annie

Hey everyone, I just wanted to write up a post with a update on Annie. The 11 year old girl who I've been praying for and have asked you to pray as well. If you don't know who she is, go here

As of today her mom told everyone that they are planning on getting to bring her home tomorrow. They removed her dialysis catheter yesterday and she is slowing starting to keep down food. Annie will be having another transfusion in the morning. Her kidneys are slowly starting to come around but still have a long ways to go. I'm not sure if her liver is doing better or not. Because of her battle with e-coli she has now developed High Blood Pressure and they fear this maybe long term. Annie is starting to walk around and build her strength back up. I know her family can't wait to be reunited under one roof again. As of now, I'm asking that you continue to pray for Annie and her family. She still has such a long ways to go and could use as many prayers as possible. All things are possible with the power of prayer!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Well I survived my 10 year class reunion barely or at least the planning of the reunion. Our class had a 3 day event and by day 3 I was more than wore out I'M EXHAUSTED!!! What's sad is a good portion of my friends I haven't seen since our Grad Party. Seeing everyone felt amazing and like it hadn't really been 10 years at all. Friday night we had a cocktail night, the thing is it wasn't just a night. More like I got home a few minutes before 4am Our class closed the place down and then went to a local restaurant for breakfast. I've determined I'm WAY WAY to old to stay out that late.These are friends I've had since grade school. (Hamilton Creekers!) we are missing 3 that had already left early.

Teah Brandon and Matt some of my Best Friends! My friend Vanja Newsome and Malusky
My old gang and our old hangout spot. Yep that's a snuggie =)

Night #2 we had a great dinner at a local Golf Course and brought along a guest. Afterwards we had friends come back to our house for a after party. I did make it to bed a little after 3 this night. Thank goodness because I was up again for round 3 by 7am.

We opened up some time capsules

We also handed out these books made at our Grad Party. They are so funDay #3 was a family BBQ at a local Park. At the same park was the class of 85, 90 and .... 1950 how cool is that. We had a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing everyone again. I have to give a BIG thanks to the HUBS. Thank you Justin for all your help behind the scenes. Your the best!