Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Ton To Do...

Well is Summer over yet? I've been so busy that I haven't really got to enjoy very much of it. This weekend is my 10 year class reunion (that I planned) It's a 3 day event and I'm just itching for it to BE OVER already. It's consumed way to much of my life and I'm ready to have my life back. My FB account is working in overtime this week with all of the messages I'm getting from people.

SO next week I will have Lot's and Lot's of post ready to share with all of you.
-Our house is on the market
-Reunion update
-Family reunion
-A upcoming baby shower I'm helping plan
-AND Some cute pictures of a wonderful gift I got in the mail for PAY IT FORWARD!! Details to come.

Here are some fun pictures I wanted to share. Have a great weekend

This child loves to play dress up with her brother's hats and shoes haha


  1. Hahahaha! Those are adorable!!!

  2. sOUnDs so Busy SaMAnTHa "WOW" you will do it, and do great! good luck. Love the sweet pics. Hope your weekend is great! Thanks for voting for me. Hugs, Jenn

  3. She gets cuter all the time. Sounds like you are busy. One of these days we will catch up with each other.