Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Call Her BOX Head..

One of Aubrey's new pass time is to empty out this box of Lego's and use the box to wear on her head or use it to sit in. It's so much fun to watch her play. She plays by herself so well when the boys are off doing their own thing. Babies and Dora are just some of her other favorite things right now. You will probably notice her HUGE belly button. We are off to meet her surgeon this week so she if surgery number two is in our near future. She put on 1 shoe all by herself and wore it around the house.
One of her favorite spots to read. It's just her size

Her new Dora book. Thanks LoLo


  1. She is so stinkin' cute! Even with a huge bellybutton. ;)

  2. she is sooooo adorable, thanks for posting such cute pictures. Who needs coffee when you have little ones that brighten your day.

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