Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Finally Out...

Wednesday night life got much much better around our house. Jaren finally lost his first tooth. It's been a long and emotional process. He was the last kid out of both first grade classes to loose a tooth. Even most of his friends in Kindergarten have already lost some. It just couldn't come fast enough. Well this poor tooth has been loose since June so I was so thankful when it came out.
A New Smile
It's so tiny. We brushed it really good before putting it in the tooth fairy pillow.

Here is our tooth fairy pillow. I've been holding onto it for almost 7 years waiting for this moment.


  1. that is alwasy SOOOO exciting for the little ones.
    WA-HOO! hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Have a super day Samantha. Jen

  2. Good for him. I'm sure he's doing a lot of smiling right now to make sure everyone notices his missing tooth. That is so cute.

  3. The most important thing now... don't forget!! You know, to call the tooth fairy hot line and confirm the missing tooth. Just don't forget!

    Congrats on the milestone!