Monday, August 9, 2010


Well I survived my 10 year class reunion barely or at least the planning of the reunion. Our class had a 3 day event and by day 3 I was more than wore out I'M EXHAUSTED!!! What's sad is a good portion of my friends I haven't seen since our Grad Party. Seeing everyone felt amazing and like it hadn't really been 10 years at all. Friday night we had a cocktail night, the thing is it wasn't just a night. More like I got home a few minutes before 4am Our class closed the place down and then went to a local restaurant for breakfast. I've determined I'm WAY WAY to old to stay out that late.These are friends I've had since grade school. (Hamilton Creekers!) we are missing 3 that had already left early.

Teah Brandon and Matt some of my Best Friends! My friend Vanja Newsome and Malusky
My old gang and our old hangout spot. Yep that's a snuggie =)

Night #2 we had a great dinner at a local Golf Course and brought along a guest. Afterwards we had friends come back to our house for a after party. I did make it to bed a little after 3 this night. Thank goodness because I was up again for round 3 by 7am.

We opened up some time capsules

We also handed out these books made at our Grad Party. They are so funDay #3 was a family BBQ at a local Park. At the same park was the class of 85, 90 and .... 1950 how cool is that. We had a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing everyone again. I have to give a BIG thanks to the HUBS. Thank you Justin for all your help behind the scenes. Your the best!


  1. You are brave. I couldn't do it.

  2. you look so cute in all the pics. I remember the day I realized I couldn't "party hardy till the morning light" anymore, I guess having kids, you really can't do it anymore.

    Glad you had a great time.

  3. by the way, I sent you a little gift, did you receive it?