Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Little Surprise

This last week has been a rough week for me. Lot's of things going on. To my surprise, I found this in my boy's room when I walked in. I couldn't help but laugh. It was staring directly at me when I opened their door. Needless to say it made my day so much better.
Hola Chicka Don't you love the tag hanging between his eyes

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Big 30....

Today is my hubby's birthday! Yep it's a big one to. Today marks the start of a new decade. That's right he is now in his...30's I love this man. Happy Birthday Justin. I sill love him more everyday!

We always have fun
He's not afraid to act silly

He's a good digger

A good story teller



Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wire Hair Bow Holder...

I have been needing something to hang Aubrey's bows on. The little storage box wasn't working and was getting to full. I always had to dig through it to find a bows match. So I came up with this great little idea to use some chicken wire and a wooden frame.This is the wooden frame my hubby built. He built two frames and then stapled the wire between them. We built the two frames so it would keep the wire from rubbing against the wall and it made it easier to remove the bows.I tapped off the wire and applied 3 coats of white paint. The back isn't painted except for the trim against the wire. I love how the white looks against her purple stripes!We added these porcelain knobs that I had off a old desk. They are perfect for hanging her headbands on them. It turned out so cute! We now have a nice place to find what we are looking for!Show and Tell Green

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's Cooking In Our House...

This weekend I decided to try and play a trick on the boys. I made them, Toad in the hole. When I told them what they would be eating for breakfast they were grossed out at first but ended up loving it. Lukas told me it tasted just like Chinese food and Jaren quickly agreed. I couldn't help but laugh because Lukas can't eat Chinese food because of his food allergies. So I have no idea where that came from. Here is what you need to make it.

Toad In The Hole
*Sliced sandwich bread.
*Bowl with a lid

First you want to butter both sides of the bread and then cut a circle out of the center of the bread. Next place the bread in a pan and crack a egg into each hole. You want to make sure you have the stove on medium because the bread will cook so fast. After you flip your bread/egg you can place the piece of bread in the pan that you had cut out. Once the egg is cooked all the way your ready to eat. After placing the bread on your plate, place the cut out bread on top of the egg. The bowl with a lid is something I just set out that I pretend to have used to store my toads. Happy Cooking!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Could this day get any worse????

So far this day has started out terrible! I'm still suffering from food poisoning that I got last night. (No I'm not the one who cooked. We ate out) My first daycare child of the day pooped in her pants after only being her 40 minutes. My four year old has had 3 melt downs already. The baby spit up her whole breakfast because she ate to fast. My house smells like burnt plastic. My favorite cutting board fell onto the bottom of the dishwasher and is now ruined. Luckily Lukas told me that it was okay because it was just a accident. Right now I just hope that the worst has already happened for the day and it can only get better from here on out.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Happy Little Face..

This is the happy face I get to see every morning. She is always in such a good mood when she wakes up. When I took these pictures she was stumbling around trying to wake up. It was so cute. Now I just hope this great mood continues as she gets older. Her brothers are not always happy campers!

Don't you just love footed PJ's

She was checking out her brothers. Aubrey always waves and says, "Hi" to Lukas and "Hi Jaren" to her older brother. It just melts our hearts.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spaghetti Anyone?

Spaghetti Anyone? I know of someone who would love to share.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Skateboard Shelf's

My two boys share a room and were in need of some more shelf's to store all their "TREASURES". We wanted to come up with something different so I went to the store and bought two skateboards. My husband spray painted some shelf brackets black. Once they were dry and hung them on the wall. Next we connected the skateboards to the brackets with some screws. I didn't want to take off the wheels because I like the look of them. I think they turned out pretty cute. I mean COOL. Here are some pictures. Our new skateboardsI
I'm sure they will put up their own treasures soon!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's Cooking In Our House...

I always try to do something creative with food for my kids. So when it comes to snack time at preschool I can't help but try to make something fun! Here is a quick and easy snack I made for my son's preschool class and for a snack today. Butterfly celery sticks.

Celery stalks
Cream cheese
Craisins or Raisins
Large pretzels
Pretzel sticks

Start by cutting your celery sticks in half or thirds. Next spread each stick with cream cheese and then add craisins on top. (for the body) Next place two pretzel sticks on top for the antennas. Last you can spread some cream cheese on the back of the celery stick to attach your large pretzels. Who knew those large pretzels made such good butterfly wings. The combination of cream cheese, craisins and salty pretzels is wonderful. Give them a try. Your kids will love them. Happy Cooking

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dishing It...

Today I'm joining in with Serenity Now's Dishing It Party. It's just a quick and easy party that allows readers to get to know you a little better and learn a little bit more about your blog. Plus you can go and check out all the other blogs of people who have linked up to.

So my name is Samantha and I'm a Stay at home mom of three adorable kids. They keep me very busy! I've been married to my hubby Justin for 8 years this July. What you may or may not know is Justin and I have know each other since we were little kids. We went to Elementary and High School together.

I started blogging in January of 2008 so I could have some place to record some of my thoughts and daily adventures of motherhood. So Mommy's Timeout is exactly that, a place for me to take a few mintues to stop and reflect my life and share what we have going on.

Scrapbooking and crafts are a passion of mine and I wish I could devote some time everyday to. If I can do something at least once a week I'm happy! I love to blog about my latest craft project or failed projected =)

One of the questions at the party was what famous person would you love to follow your blog. Well I would have to pick Kenny Chesney. Oh the man is HOT. Yes my husband does know I have a major crush on him. =) Can't you imagine him sitting on his tour bus checking my blog? AHHH. Ok back to reality. If you are wanting to check out some great blogs go over and check out the party.

Bingo For Books...

Yesterday my son's school held a great family night. For two hours families were able to go out to the school and play Bingo to win books from the Book Fair. Every person was able to play and you could win TWO books! If you won a third time you had to give your book to somebody else. Our family did great. Between the four of us we won 6 times. Check out our loot below. Isn't this great?
This morning I was getting out of the shower when I heard my son tell me, "Mom don't worry it's just me out here. I didn't want to scare you." Which he would have since nobody is ever up that early. Jaren had gotten up to read one of his new books before school. I couldn't be more happy with the fact that he is turning in to such a reader. The kid is still in first grade and just whipping through chapter books. Somebody in the house is thrilled that we have a reader in the house too.

Moments like these make me proud to be their mommy even more

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Burlap Sping Wreath With Fabric Flowers...

In order to try and brighten up the outside of our house I decided to make a Spring wreath. I had learned how to make fabric flowers from Jill over at So I thought I would give them a try. Luckily I already had all these supplies in my craft drawers so I was ready to go. Here are some of the supplies needed Burlap, floral wreath and glue gun. I cut some strips of Burlap and started to wrap them around the wreath and hot gluing as I went. I love how Burlap unravels so you get all the strings that hang off. It just adds to the charm.
This is what it looks like when you are done wrapping
Next I cut some long strips so I could start making my flowers
Start by tying a not at one end. This will be the center of your flower.
Next you want to star twisting the fabric or burlap and then start slowly wrapping it around your knot.
Put small dots of hot glue as your are twisting.
Keep twisting around the knot forming a rose or flower shape
You can make it as small or as large as you want. When you are done with one color you can twist the fabric to the back of the flower and hot glue it to the back.
Next you can use any type of fabric you have. Start by cutting a small cut at the top of the fabric and tear off a long strip.
Start by gluing it on the back of your flower and begin twisting it around the outside of your center.
You can repeat this process as many times as you want or just do one color. It's up to you!
Next I just started gluing the flowers on my wreath.
Here it is

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