Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Easter Bunny...

Dear Mr. Easter Bunny,
You looked so cute today with your fluffy grey fur sitting on your white bench. The last time we were in the mall to see you my little baby was in a very deep sleep so we decided to try it again today. I packed up my 3 kids in the terrible weather, HAIL to be exact and drove to see you again. Once inside the Mall my daughter's face Lite up when she seen you. She even started waving and jumping up and down in my arms. When it was our turn we walked up and my son's sat down beside you and I was placing my still very EXCITED daughter on your knee for our photo op. That's when you decided to open your BIG FAT FURRY MOUTH and complain to the photographer about some kids standing in line. Of course my daughter burst into tears screaming. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. WHAT BUNNY SCHOOL DID YOU GO TO? I only know of 1 yes 1 bunny who talks and his name is THUMPER and is a cartoon character. Didn't they teach you that the EASTER BUNNY does NOT TALK! You even upset my 4 year old and he no longer wanted anything to do with you. THANK YOU. We had to walk away empty handed again. HOPE YOUR HAPPY. SIGNED, ONE ANGRY MOMMY!



  1. Oh no!
    My kids are still traumatized by the bunny taking her head off right as we were walking up to her!

  2. Oh, that's just terrible. You should call in and complain. Or, even better, find out how you can send a letter.

  3. Oh no! Poor little ones, I agree I would find out who to complain to.

  4. Gah! I've never heard anything good about that darn Easter bunny....