Friday, August 28, 2009

Just A Mental Note...

Today I have decided that there will be no more unsupervised ice packs in my house. Lukas got a bump on the side of his eye today. So I gave him an ice pack to try and help the swelling. The ice pack I gave him fits inside of an train pouch. Of course, what does his older brother do? He grabs it from his brother and shoves it down his own pants.
Jaren- "Hey Lukas, do you remember when we used ice packs to have a ball fight?"
Mom-"What did you just say?"
Jaren-"A ball fight mom. We used them to have a ball fight when you weren't in the room."
Lukas-"Yeah I remember Jaren. It was a lot of fun!"
Mom-"Yeah well no more ball fights in my house please."
Lukas-"Ah man."


  1. What's a ball fight? It sounds painful, especially with ice packs! : )

  2. Ah hem, he shoved the ice pack down his pants and then talked about a "ball fight"? Am I reading too much into this? BOYS!

  3. That is just hilarious!!!! LOL!