Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Team Go!

This weekend both of the boys had soccer games at the same time, but in two different towns. Since my husband coaches both teams, he had to have the assistant coach fill in for Lukas's team. Of course this meant I had to miss Jaren's games and he scored his first goal of the season. It crushed me knowing I missed it. So I have no pictures or anything =( This weekend I will make sure to take pictures of his game. As far as Lukas's team, they were awesome. Lukas scored another goal and it totally made his day. Not only did he score, but his cousin scored his first goal as well. The two of them are the smallest kids on the team and Lukas is the youngest. By the way these two played you would have no clue they were so young. There is no fear when it comes to the bigger and older boys. Overall it was a great weekend with two scoring kids under the same roof!! My cute player. #4 This was right before he kicked it into his goal. I didn't take pictures of the big event because I was screaming to hard =) Celebrating his goal. He adores Coach Seibert! Good Game
Yeah Tritons!!!


  1. Good Morning~ Woo Hoo for lukas.. LOVE THE KIDDOS soccer games. Glad he scored, sorry u missed it.... we can't be everywhere at once huh? NEXT TIME!

    p.s. WE have bbq corn... its delish too! Have a great day and week Samantha. Jenn

  2. Awww, that's so cute! Must have been Porter there too?

  3. I have a feeling you took the picture of Porter. Am I right? Congrats to Jaren and Lukas on their goals!!

  4. They're so adorable, my boys 10 and 7 love to play soccer too. Boys are so competitive at such a young age. High five to both of them for a job well done.

    I'm so glad you found me!!! yay! and I'm feeling better, thank goodness.