Monday, July 26, 2010

This has been one BUSY Family...

So this family has been so busy with little repairs or some BIG repairs around our house. We have been getting ready to put our house up for sale. We wanted to redo our bathroom before we listed the house. This project was much bigger than we thought it would be. Here are a few pictures before we started demo This is during the process. We had a huge mess! The flooring was removed and the Hubs had to dig out several layers.

I wanted all of us to write our names on the walls before we started to cover them back up. Each of us wrote our name and Justin added Aubrey's name.

Here's Jaren. If someone ever has to redo the bathroom they will find our names hidden in the walls. =)

Don't you love the bubble gum pink walls. Can you see the outline of the old sink? The smell of this room was so funny. It smelt so old and musty. It's amazing what sheet rock covers up.

Getting ready for tape and texture
Well Blogger won't let me download any more pictures on this post. (I've tried several times) So I'm going to make another quick post with the final pictures.



  2. We always write our names on stuff too!
    In fact, my parents recently demolished a wall in their kitchen and in one of the layers was a little square with drawings and our signatures and dates. :)