Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day To Celebrate Freedom (and enjoy yummy food)

The fourth is now over and I'm finally getting my pictures posted. We had a wonderful day. After church we went and had a BBQ with family. The kids had so much fun running around and playing with their cousins. Later we went to my Sister-In-Laws house for some dessert and fireworks. Aubrey LOVED the fireworks. I couldn't believe that she wasn't even scared of them. Small little hands clapped after each one was done. Next year will be even better. We then wrapped up our day by heading home and setting off the rest of our fireworks with our neighbors. By the end of our day we were all wiped out. I hope you all enjoyed a great 4th with your families too. Jaren and Henry
Porter, Jacie and Lukas
Enjoying some yummy food
Aubrey LOVED the food
Justin and his Dad
Aubrey and Sierra
Jaren and his crazy pose
She loved the sparklers So did Sierra
The kids played hard and played

The boys picked ton's of blueberries


  1. What precious pictures, Love them all. Aubrey is a doll, I love that top pic. Your day looked amazing.

    P.S. if you have any crafts you want to link up to my FIRST ever Linky party, I would be so thrilled! have a super day Samantha~ Jenn

  2. Such great pictures!!
    Aubrey is adorable, but I swear, she's even cuter in real life!!