Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Outside fun

Since Aubrey is getting bigger she has really started enjoying her time outside. We have been eating dinner outside almost every night. After dinner the kids run around the yard, swing, or play on their fort . Now that we have flowers and blooming plants everywhere she has been smelling and touching everything. She is one little chick who won't be afraid to be outside. Aubrey loves eating outside
We have been eating Lot's of green food =) Avocado, Santa Claus Melon and Zucchini
I Love this picture

She loves the way the lavender smells
It feels funny too


  1. Oh, that's awesome!!
    My kids would DIE if I put a plate of green in front of me. :/ I don't know why they got so darn picky!

  2. I love the pictures of her with the flowers. Beautiful, Samantha!