Monday, September 14, 2009

What A Day.....

My son Lukas started Preschool recently. He was so excited to finally have his turn to go to school. It was also Lukas's Birthday Snack day at school, so that only made his day more special. Once we got to the school Lukas took off his bag and set it up on the counter and ran straight for the fort. As soon as he got to the top he started to bang on his chest and yell out just like King Kong. All I could think about was what was going through all the other mom's minds when they seen my wild child up there. You know secretly they were all thinking that he would be the wild kid in class! That's my kid =) Lukas and Mommy
Lukas and Daddy

His favorite thing! He made this himself! His new kicks Having fun!

Lukas and my niece Khylie
Taking that important phone call!

Setting the tables for his Birthday Snack Day
The Frog cupcakes I made.
Fruit kabobs
The birthday boy


  1. Okay, that boy is CUTE!! I love his new kicks. So cute! :)

  2. I feel for you, on Trent's first day he ran up the slide the wrong I am sure all the other mom's thought the same thing :0). Those cup cakes are soo cute!!

  3. Those are such sweet cupcakes. I understand your feelings... oh...too... well!

  4. Those cupcakes are AWESOME!!!! Really, I might have to steal that idea. Really really really cute!

  5. How cute! I love the cupcakes, how creative!!

  6. How cute are those cupcakes??? I need your secret....everytime I open a package of Oreos there aren't any left ;)