Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lukas Says...

My poor poor little boy. This morning Lukas came up to me and told me this.

Lukas- "Mommy, I have a really bad headache and a belly ache."

Mommy- "I'm sorry buddy. Do you need to lay down for a little bit."

Lukas-"I think I need to cuddle up in your bed mom."

Mommy- "That's fine. Let me tuck you in."

Lukas- "I think I will also need lunch brought to me on a sick tray. That way I can eat in your bed."

Mommy- "I think you can get down here at the table."

As we headed up the stairs he started to moan.

Mommy- "What's wrong."

Lukas- "My foot hurts so bad. I wish the headache would go away in my foot."

Mommy- "What. I thought your head hurt."

Lukas-"I never said that. My headache is in my foot."

This time pointing at the other foot. ;)

Mommy-"Well do you still need to cuddle in my bed?"

Lukas- "Yes, until my headache goes away."

So, as right now I still have a very sick boy with a foot ache or I mean headache. ;)

1 comment:

  1. How sweet and adorable. You are a good mommy, letting your buddy cuddle and be "sick". :)