Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is Aubrey's Opinion...

Okay I lovvve this picture. It makes me laugh whenever I look at it. Aubrey normally never gets this mad. Well unless she is starving and you are NOT making her bottle fast enough. Right now my poor little girl has been having the "D" word for 11 days straight. UGH! Let me tell you I make this same face everyday I have to change another diaper. Our Doctor is unsure of what it going on with her. She has no other symptoms. So we have started to feed her cheese, by doctor orders and that hasn't seemed to help. We have also started to eliminate things from her diet. NO wheat and NO fruit. Wish us luck that this will end soon or next time you see my daughter she maybe turning a slight shade of orange from all the carrots she has been eating. =)


  1. Oh, Samantha... she and the big "D" came to my mind this weekend and I said a prayer that things were better. I will pray that she is better soon. I am so sorry.

  2. Oh - poor baby! I hope she feels better soon!


  3. Oh no! I feel so bad for her, you know her bottom is probably sore from all of that D stuff. :(
    I have a friend whose little boy DID turn orange from too much beta carotene! It was funny, actually. : )