Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have joined the Body after Baby Challenge over at l. It's a 8 week program to help jump start your weight loss. My goal is to loose 10-15 pounds during this challenge. More pounds shed would be welcome of course. So every week I will be posting what we are doing over there and to help keep myself on track. At the end of this challenge we will having a contest to see who won. YES, there are prizes at the end. One of the ways to win is to have blog readers go over and vote for you. Our challenge this week is to drink more water. I'm already a water drinker, but I'm trying to take it to the next level. It's to late to join in on the actual challenge, but you can always go over to Mama's Notes every Tuesday and check it out. You can always work on the program on your own. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! You'll do great I'm sure! :)

  2. I am trying to drink more water, too. But you caught me!! I am drinking a soda as I write this. Good luck with the challenge. Let me know when I need to go vote.

  3. Good luck in the challenge!

    Drinking water is such an easy way to start losing weight!

  4. Hi fellow BAB'er! How are you doing so far? I'm doing okay..I'd like to do better.

    I've only had half a glass of soda since we started and have drank more water, but not doing the best exercising. I do go on walks now though..

    Good luck!

  5. Best of luck! Thanks for stopping by my blog!