Monday, July 6, 2009

Surgery was a success

Justin and I were very stressed this morning as we tried to get Aubrey into her car seat without waking her. She expects to eat at 6am and usually will not wait. We were successful and got to the hospital and into surgery without to much of a fuss. The staff was so nice and we were able to hand her off to a nurse after she feel back asleep in my arms. It was so much easier to hand her over with her being asleep than have her stare at me as I handed her to a stranger and watch them walk away with her. Everything went great and the surgeon was happy with the results. When we finally go to see her she was pretty upset, but was happy once she was given a bottle. Since we have been home she has been sleeping a lot and we hope to have a nice and quiet day with her. Thank you to the people who put us in their prayers. We are so thankful that God kept our little girl safe and we just hope she will have a easy and quick recovery.


  1. So happy everything went well and you have your little girl back at home this afternoon! Take care and lots of hugs and kisses!
    Kelly and Addie

  2. Oh, I am so very glad that it went well. How in the world did you get her in a car seat without waking her?! That's amazing. I will pray that she has a quick and seamless recovery.

  3. The fact that you didn't wake her is amazing. My son had surgery when he was 3 and I'll never forget how hard that was. So sad to see their little bodies going back in that big bed.
    : (