Saturday, July 11, 2009

6 Candles On A Birthday Cake...

The Birthday Group
Aubrey Loves Mrs. Siebert

Jacie and Brooklyn


Not Sure Who This Is Suppose To Be?

Great Friends!

A New Birthday Bike

Brotherly Love

My sweet little boy turned 6 today. Would someone please tell me where the time has went? We told him this is his first double handed birthday. So today we started off the day with some birthday breakfast and then he got to open some presents. I also took all of the kids to the new Public Library and Police Department today for their new open house. Kristy gave Jaren a Happy Birthday balloon that he carried around with him. In return I think he had at least a 100 strangers tell him, Happy Birthday. Here are some pictures of Jaren with some of his friends at his "friends party" today. They had a good time and I will post some more pictures after he has his family party. We had a great time today. Happy Birthday Sweetie.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jaren! We had so much fun...(well until Brooklyn peed her pants.) Cute pics!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little boy! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! If you go to you can search for "button" and she has a tutorial. That is where I learned how to make them! Happy Monday!