Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lukas Says...

Recently the kids and I were in SEARS and Lukas came up and patted on my leg whispering (THANKFULLY)

Lukas: Mommy, I'm very yucky

(Oh yeah Lukas does not pronounce his L's yet)

Mommy: Your what honey?

Lukas: I'm yucky. (Pointing at a man in a wheelchair)

Mommy: Oh your lucky?

Lukas: Yes, I'm yucky. My legs are not broken so I don't have to sit in a wheelchair. So see I'm yucky.

Mommy: Yes, Lukas your very lucky. (SMILING)

I love this kid. Isn't it amazing that at the age of 3 he can realize that he is very yucky to have perfectly good legs and not have to be in a wheelchair.

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  1. I love the way kids think. Just be glad that he didn't say it loudly so that you were embarrassed in front of the man.

    By the way, I posted pictures of our weekend campout on our family blog:

    Ok, yep, I'm that much of a geek... just noticed you didn't have it on your sidebar. No pressure :)