Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No More Daddy's Falling Off Roofs...

On Sunday my husband was at his parents house taking down their Christmas lights for them when he had a terrible accident. While one foot was on the roof and the other on the ladder, the ladder slide out beneath him. He tried to grab the gutter, but all it did was pull out of the building. Luckily he landed on top of the ladder, before his head slammed into the concrete. I'm positive God was watching out for him during that moment, because who knows how much worse this could have been. Thankfully he had explained to my youngest son to always stay back from the ladder in case daddy ever fell. That way he wouldn't get hurt. I'm always telling him to knock on wood. I guess he didn't this time. Lesson learned, right Justin =) He seems to be recovering well and the swelling is finally going down. His right wrist is still pretty swollen and aches. He is still getting bruises that are finally coming to the surface, so he is a site! Here are some pictures that I had to take just so I could make a post. He couldn't help but laugh. He was laughing that I wanted to take pictures
Even though it was swollen here it got MUCH worse!

His nice hairy leg

Again the swelling hadn't really set in yet.


  1. The whole thing makes my head hurt just looking at him. Gah.

  2. Oh scary! So glad he is ok! This is why I fear ladders and we didn't have Christmas lights up this year. Take care!