Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enjoying A Play Date...

Porter getting ready to shoot his basket This is what he was shooting at. Everytime he would throw the ball Lukas would close his eyes!

Below is the boys looking at a ladybug they found
This past week Lukas got to invite his cousin Porter over for a play date. The two of them played so well together and Lukas loved having his own friend over for a while. Luckily we had really nice weather and the boys got to play outside and eat Popsicle's. Basketball and soccer games were played, but my favorite thing they did was go on a ladybug hunt. We have so many ladybugs around our house right now. It wasn't hard for them to find a lot of them. As soon as one was spotted one of them would yell out, "Here's a ladybug!" The boys would inspect each one as if they had never seen one before. Here are some cute pictures of the two of them.


  1. "Boys: Noise with dirt on it!" ;) Love them looking at bugs, and playing B-ball totaly boy! whats more fun, is doing it all with your cousin. Your kids are darling. Thanks for your sweet visit too! Hugs, JGG