Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 4...

Week 4 of the BAB challenge. This week are challenge is do work on sit ups. I can't stand sit ups, but I will be stepping up to the challenge. I'm hoping that my husband (hint hint I know your reading this) will help me work on this after the kiddos go to sleep. I have slacked off on my water intake during the last week, and realized I need to work on drinking more again. I had lost a little over 2 pounds during the last week, but gained almost 1 pound back. Dumb pumpkin spice cake and panini that I ate during my girls night out. Ugh. Here is to a better week. Check us out over at http://www.mamanotes.com/2009/10/body-after-baby-week-four.html


  1. You're doing great... girls night out is worth a pound or two :) Good luck with the sit-ups!!! :)

  2. mmm pumpkin spice cake!

    i had a bad week 2 and 3. hoping to make week 4 better! you can too! :)

  3. We can't be a slave to our diets and a girls night out is definetly a reason to break the diet!

  4. Good luck with the sit ups!
    I think a girl's night out would be worth it.