Monday, October 26, 2009

A 4 year olds view on Fall...

I'm having some problems getting pictures to download to I hope to have some pictures posted later on this week. So this post is about Lukas's favorite things about Fall.

1."Throwing snowballs" ? (HMM ok, we live in Oregon and don't get much snow in the Fall)

2."Staying inside"

3."Going under the snow." (Yeah refer back to #1)

4. "Petting birds" (We feed the birds with our bird feeded, but we never pet them)

5. "Taking pictures in the Fall."

6. "Seeing the birds"

7. "When it's raining leaves." (This is one of my favorite things to)

8. "Going hunting."

9. "Going to the flower patch" (Ok I have NO idea where this came from.)

10. "Writing inside" (We have been working on his writing)

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