Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last Day of School...

As the school year ended we wanted to do something special for the teachers. I had each of the boys make a thank you card for their teacher. Lukas's card really touched me. He has done such a great job learning to write and try and sound words out for himself.
A Box of Sunshine! I found the idea here
We just changed it up a bit and put in some fun items. Each teacher got some sparkling Lemonade, Wheat Thins, Gum, Pineapple Jell-o, chap stick, Crystal light singles, Crystal light candies, Yellow licorice, butterscotch candies, Banana bar and a scentsy bar.
Hopefully this will brighten up their day!

Some extra time outside. Everyone was trying to avoid the "lake" We have had a ton of rain!
                                                                       Bubble time!
                              A little sister loved getting to join in with class activities this year!

Another one of Lukas's best friends. He made some great friends this year!
One last Kindergarten story.
 Jaren and his teacher. She has really been great with helping him overcome some fears this school year. I will always be grateful for that!

                                                             We survived another year!
We went to Limeberry on the first day of school so no better way to end it but by returning to Limeberry! Here's to a GREAT start to summer.

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  1. Happy Summer! I love the box of sunshine. I also love her beautiful, happy dress.