Saturday, June 16, 2012


It's hard to believe that Lukas has wrapped up his first year in school. Kindergarten is such a wonderful place to be. He was so lucky to have an amazing teacher. The whole class came so far this year and all have blossomed into wonderful little people.

We had a hard time  sending Lukas off to school because of the fears we had with his nut allergy. Lunchrooms filled with peanut butter sandwiches is a scary place to be. The staff at his school went out of their way to make sure he was safe. I'm proud to say we made it through the whole school year without any problems. I even had some parent's call me at home to double check label warnings with me before they brought something to school. I worked with staff before school started and a peanut free table was set up. Being a mom, I was afraid he would be the only child sitting at it. Nobody wants their kid to eat alone. We were so lucky that the two peanut free tables were full all year. My little boy was never alone. That made this mommy very happy!

                         Lukas and his friend pushing an imaginary friend. They thought this was hilarious!
                                                                      Class of 2025!

                                                            Two of his best friends.

His friend Eryn who went through two years of preschool with him and are now in the same class.

Now if only I could keep him in Kindergarten forever.

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