Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Overheard From the Backseat

While driving Jaren to school this morning I was lucky enough to have to superhero's along for the ride. This is what superhero's talk about....

Jaren: Hey Lukas do you want to play superhero's when I get home from school?
Lukas: Yeah, I will get the tub of clothes out.
Jaren: Okay.

While pulling into the school...

Lukas: I'm going to miss you today Robin.
Jaren: I'm going to miss you too Batman.
Lukas: Don't forget your lunch Robin.
Jaren: I won't Batman. Love you Batman. Love you Mom and Aubrey.
Lukas: Love you too Robin.

I only hope they will still like each other this much when they are older! I don't know about Aubrey, but I was feeling kinda left out that I didn't have a superhero name this morning.

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