Friday, September 14, 2012

Monkey Sushi...

Yesterday was Aubrey's snack day at preschool. It's the highlight of preschool! She jumped out of bed excited knowing it was her day. Her list of items she wanted to bring for snack was HUGE! We ended up pairing it down and going with theme of the week. MONKEY'S! So we baked some banana bread muffins, Monkey Munch (forgot a picture of this, but it was a combination of dried fruits) and Monkey Sushi! I found the sushi from this site, Instead of peanut butter, we used soy butter then gave them the name Monkey Sushi. Aubrey loved them. To top it off we brought milk. Two of Aubrey's favorite foods, bananas and milk.
When it's your snack day you have to set the table.

Monkey Sushi before it was cut into slices.

Then you get to explain snack to your friends and everyone cleans their hands.

Then you get to dig in!

After snack is playtime out side.

Then you come home and start to cry saying your head hurts, start running a fever and crash on the couch!
Poor thing. She then slept the afternoon away.

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  1. I wish we could make cute treats! We have peanut butter and soy allergies in our class so we are bound by a prepackaged list! Great job Aubrey (and mom)!