Wednesday, September 12, 2012

7 Is The New Number In The House

It's hard to believe that this little guy is already 7. On his actual birthday I always remind him how he came into this earth hungry and happy. Cheeks so big that he didn't look like he even had a neck. Well the cheeks have slimmed down some and he now has a visible neck, the happy and hunger has not changed. I love how this boy can brighten up my mood in a instance. Still mama's boy, he continues to amaze me as he changes and matures.
Lukas got a LEGO Star Wars Alarm Clock.
He LOVES setting his alarm to wake Jaren and
himself up for school in the morning.

During the party the boys jumped and wrestled on the trampoline.

Cupcakes and candy!

Used his Pop Warner jersey as a decoration.

His helmet and football got tossed in there as well.

Lemonade is his special drink of choice.

Still on the short side, but man did he have a growth spurt over the summer!

Strawberry Jello Cake with fresh berries.

His favorite hobby, LEGOs!

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  1. 7 Already?? I love jell-o cake! Pinch his cheeks for me :)