Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This Child...

This Child...


I recently took Aubrey in to meet with our Allergist to be tested. Since our middle son has had food allergies, one being nuts, she has never had any. So in order to go to Preschool in the Fall, she had to be tested to make sure she didn't follow in her brothers footsteps. (allergies effect what class your child is in) After chatting up the Doctor, she sat patiently waiting to be tested. I was so nervous that she would cry because I know that all the pokes in her back would not be pleasant. To my surprise she sat on my lap and didn't even let out one tear. I could tell as they were getting closer to the end that it was getting more painful and the tears would be starting soon if we continued. For now we are not having her tested for outdoor/animal allergies because they are not as severe as Lukas's. PLUS I didn't want to put her through that if we could avoid it at this time. This ended up being  a huge relief to Justin and I. One less thing for me to stress about once she starts school.

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