Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Season Is Over...

Lukas with his shiny new medal

Lukas and Porter
Team Tritons

Refueling, it's tough out there

Jaren and his new medal
Team Great Whites

Isn't he cute?
Check me out
Our soccer season is over and I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures. The boys both improved so much this year and look forward to playing again this Fall. Justin coached both of their teams and is really welcoming the break. Jaren's team got Justin this really great sweatshirt to thank him for coaching. The picture was really cute and they all enjoyed looking at their own picture once he put it on. When the games where over every kid was given a medal and it took several days for Lukas to quit wearing his. It's now hung up on his skateboard shelf.


  1. So cute! I'm gonna look into AYSO soon...well, have the hubs do it. :)

  2. awww - that is soo sweet! And I just LOVE the pic of Lukas drinking the powerade! Too cute!