Friday, March 26, 2010


Our poor family has became victims of the toaster bandit for the second time. Action must be taken to keep our toaster and family safe from burning toxins and fumes. Last month was the Bandits first attempt to ruin our beloved toaster. She had been with us for 11 years and had provided us with great toast and bagels for years. It was early morning when I went to pull the toaster out of the lower cabinet and went to plug it in. After popping in one slice of bread I went into our dinning room to put Aubrey into her highchair for breakfast. The fumes quickly filled the house and I ran into the kitchen to find, (Inserting sound.. dun dun duh) a burning plastic baby spoon in the other side of the toaster. Needless to say we had to say farewell to our beloved toaster. May you RIP in whatever landfill you ended up. Her is a picture of our beloved new toaster.
The POOR Victim
This morning our family was attacked again! (again insert music..dun dun duh)I plugged in the toaster and went to put the bread in when I spotted this. At the scene of the crime

The evidence collected

These are the possible suspects. Take a close look and let me know which one do you think is the guilty bandit. I'm having a hard time deciding!
Suspect #1

Suspect #2
Suspect #3
Until this mystery is solved in our home, keep a close eye on your toaster! Always look inside your toaster to make sure the Bandit has not hit your home.


  1. I don't know, #2 looks pretty guilty!

  2. Definately that adorable #3.
    - Shu Shu