Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Napkin Letters...

A while back I found this great post on using Napkins to decorate wooden letters over at Craft~o~maniac . So I had some wooden letters that I bought last year to make a sign and hadn't used yet. I went to the local Dollar Tree and got a package of napkins and got to work. I didn't trace my letters like she had and instead just layered a napkin on each letter and and adhered with several layers of Modge Podge. I made sure each layer was good and dry before I added the next one. Once everything was dry I just trimmed of the rest of the napkin by following the lines of the wood. It was very easy! They turned out really cute. I'm looking forward to doing this for more holidays. Wooden letters, Easter Napkins and Modge Podge

I ended up applying 2 coats of Modge Podge to each letter Starting to get stuff out for Easter

Close up of my letters

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  1. You are getting way too crafty! Very cute. :)

  2. OH' THANKS SAMANTHA... SO FLATTERED... love the BUNNY SIGN! thanks for letting me know. I will feature your bunny sign on my craft blog later today. THANKS HUN! great job! JGG

  3. Very cute! I am so impressed. When will I ever make time for crafty things? Thanks for reminding me to get out the Easter stuff. It is time, isn't it?

  4. Very cute! It looks so cute on your hutch!

    Thanks so much for linking it up to my party!