Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clearly Something Is WRONG!

Last night Lukas was in using the restroom, when he called out to my husband and myself. "Mom, Dad something is wrong." We quickly went into the bathroom and were surprised to find out what the real problem was. When asked what's wrong he replied,"My pee has no color." I tried to explain that everything was okay and sometimes when you drink a lot of water your urine can be clear and not yellow. Well I thought that this was over until he came out and told his older brother that his pee had no color. "Jaren if I drink more, my pee will get color again." Jaren responded with,"No Lukas. Pee chooses what color it wants to be." What can I say,I guess you just have to let somethings be. =)


  1. Kids say the cutest things! LOL I have 4 grandchildren and they always have me smiling or laughing. Some of the questions they ask don't even have answers. LOL

    Children are wonderful!



  2. How funny! Isn't it funny the things that kids notice and say?

    What a cutie!

    Have a great night!