Monday, October 24, 2011

Lukas goes to school...

It was so so hard for me to let Lukas go to school this year. I was NOT ready for him to leave me. He has been my company and entertainment since Jaren started going to school. I had already learned how fast time went by once Jaren had started school and I was not ready for things to change again. After many, many hours of crying I figured it was time to let go. Thankfully he only had to start off going half day for the first month. Now he just started going full day and I feel like I'm adjusting all over again. He LOVES school and everything he does there. Lukas has already started to advance to much and I love hearing all about his day when he returns home.
                                                          Group shot of Lukas's first day
                                                            His scratch and sniff shirt :)

                                                         A gift for the teacher (cookies)

                                                          Lukas, Grandma and Aubrey
                                                       Love his bag. It fits his personality!
                                                                      Lunch stick
                                          The best teacher a boy could ask for. Mrs. Seibert
                                                   He quickly made a new best friend.

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