Friday, September 9, 2011

Enchanted Forest...

We took the kids to Enchanted Forest last weekend. The kids had so much fun and it was so nice to stay out of the heat.  Besides visiting our favorite fairy tales, we watched a short play. (Little Red Riding Hood) The kids also enjoyed some rides and then we finished with  a picnic lunch.
Western Town

Watch Out

Jaren, Lukas, Aubrey, Ron, Jan and Sierra.

We visited Alice In The Wonderland

Look who was there!

The kids went sliding out of a Old Shoe

NOT Our Dentist anytime soon!

Jaren and Jan went down the Log Ride

                                 We had a great time and enjoyed some fun before school starts.


  1. Hello Samantha- WOW its been awhile since i HAVE been by. It seems like all is well and the kiddos are happy, that is great. I just wanted you go know that you WON my Halloween LOOT GIVEAWAY. CONGRATS!
    I announced your winning on my COM-FB page.

    can you please email me at THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT. winks-jen

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower and I just gave you Versatile Blogger award over at Little House of Projects. And thanks so much for being one of my followers! Jane